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Sweepy Trail Handlebar

Sweepy Trail Handlebar

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A more comfortable handlebar for going down the street or down the mountain. A little sweep forward and a little sweep back keeps the hands in a neutral position the same as a traditional 6-9° 'stock' handlebar.

When flat to ground (no upsweep) you get 20° of back sweep at the hands without sitting you up or back from that 'stock' position. Roll the bars forward just a touch and you'll get 17.5° back and 4° upsweep.

I find just a bit of upsweep is important to staying in control when things get rowdy, but that extra back sweep makes my hands and arms so much happier for the long days and the rough stuff.

Available in Titanium and Steel.

Unless otherwise specified or requested, I use .049 wall thickness for steel bars and .061 wall thickness for titanium. A thicker wall makes for a stiffer and stronger bar, but I find these wall thicknesses make a bar that is plenty strong and provides the kind of flex that makes a bar "feel" good.

Steel Bars are available in a variety of powdercoat color options with permanent decals. 

Titanium bars are brushed, polished, with either an anodized logo, or fully anodized with a raw logo. See photos for a cool half-tone bar we just did for the Philly Bike Expo.

Remember that these are a handmade product. We can guarantee the bars will be straight and true, but finishes may vary.

We like to keep bars in stock and ready to ship, but may have to bend-to-order. If time is of the essence, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.

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Geometry and Sizing

For any sizing questions please reach out! We're Happy to help! or call the Haute Line 984-IMHAUTE (984-464-2883‬)

Tech Specs

The rowdy gravel bike that combines speed and confidence with adaptability and style.

Slack head tube angle and longer front center allows for stability and confidence over loose, steep, and rough terrain. A seat tube angle that's neither slack nor steep allows for a broad range of fit and position options. If all day adventures and bikepacking is your jam, there's plenty of room to be more upright. If stomping the pedals and getting down in the drops is more your speed, then slam that seat forward and that stem down and you've got a gravel race speed demon.

An investment like a high-quality hand made bicycle should be versatile and resilient. We use some form of adjustable dropout on all of our models. The Sauce uses Paragon Machine Works’ Rocker dropout to achieve adjustable chainstay length and axle/brake compatability across a variety of standards. Set it up geared and dial in chainstay length for quick and nimble or stable and comfy, or go singlespeed to embrace simplicity and let the tensioned chain length fall where it may.

We designed the Sauce around the types of riding we like to do on larger-tire drop bar bike. The heart of the build is centered a chainstay yoke that allows for a standard road spacing crank with up to a 44t Single Chainring or a compact double, and still leaves plenty of mud clearance around a 700x50 or 29x2.0 Tire. Big Tires for Big Gravel.