Haute Bicycles grew out of a collective desire to make nice bicycles that are fun to ride. We design bikes that ride the way we want, look incredible, and hold up to abuse, and then we work our way through the production process, refining methods and materials to get them to a price that we could afford. We're doing this to make bikes for everyone with our own hands. We care deeply about every cut, weld, tube choice, and pedal stroke.

Stephen Wood has been building custom bikes as Swood Cycles since 2019. Brazing frames one at a time, made to measure, with all of the love and craft that comes with making something just once for just one person. Every detail is considered on his frames. Countless hours of practice are behind every weld bead, and an unspeakable number of hours are spent filing fillets to perfection. The shop has grown since then, adding mills, benders, welders, and fixtures. Every new machine and method means more possibilities.

Photo Cred: Robin Pyle/Vertical Sandbox

Wilson Hale has been a bike mechanic since 2007, but has worn a variety of hats in the bike business over the years. You can still find the Bike Shop School Bus around town if the stars are aligned.

Whether its finding just the right bike or part solution for a rider's needs, bleeding a troublesome brake line, or planning a killer bikepacking trip, you can be sure his hands are dirty and gears are turning.