We only make bikes that are fun to ride. Period.

We have fun riding the quiet gravel roads in the central Virginia Piedmont, connecting valleys full of cool creeks to steep climbs, taking in the views from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and ripping down forest service roads that definitely aren't 'open' anymore. We enjoy fast forest ripping spurred on by the riding buddy who's just a *little* bit faster than you. 

With Haute bikes, we're walking the line between fully custom, fancy, money-is-no-object sorts of projects, and a good quality bike you might walk in to your neighborhood bike shop and pick off the floor to take home. The intersection between those is not very big, but we're trying to make it bigger every day by identifying the key features that really make you say "wow" at a high-end show bike and executing them at an affordable price and reliable, heirloom quality.

At the end of the day, we want you to be excited to ride your bike every chance you get, and glad for the bike you rode every time you get home.